Introducing the new and improved CycleComputer, riding your bicycle has never been so fun!

CycleComputer is an iPhone app designed to track speed, distance and route in real time when cycling. It has three unique ride information displays, supports the Wahoo key with ANT+ sensors and can manage rides history.


  • Three different displays to choose from : digital, analog and map, each with large readings that let you capture all the information with just a glance. Each of the three displays works in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Easy to use, number of screens kept to a minimum.
  • "Automode" that automatically stops the timer when you stop moving.
  • Support for both metric(km) and imperial(mi) readings.
  • Save, browse and review rides.
  • Support for both integrated GPS and the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ speed/cadence sensor.
  • Background operation for extended battery life.
  • Required:

    • iPhone 3GS or higher
    • iOS 5.1 or higher


    • A bike mount for iPhone
    • Wahoo Fitness key/BTLE and speed/cadence sensor
    • Internet access to display maps

Looking for an iPhone app developer?

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