CycleComputer 2.0 released on the App Store!

More than a year after CycleComputer was first released on the AppStore, I am glad to announce the all new CycleComputer 2.0. Although the concept remains the same (three ride information displays, large readings), I have completely rewritten the app from the ground up, revamped the GUI and added many requested features.

Pepperr27 said :

There is no way to start and stop manually, and it seems to have a mind of it’s own on when it is going to start. There is also no history page to track overall progress or route planning option.

3bibleappreviewer said :

The features I wish Cyclecomp had which others do is 1) ability to store each ride information, 2) Ability to start / stop on the main display. Double tapping the main screen “Resets”, but immediately starting record the information. I like to be able to control start and stop without resetting.

To answer Pepperr27, 3bibleappreview and many other user requests, I’ve added the following to CycleComputer :

  • The user now has the option to disable autoMode and start/stop the timer manually.
  • All ride information can be stored and reviewed later (Ride history).

For those who want better, more stable speed accuracy, the app now supports the Wahoo fitness key and the ANT+ speed/cadence sensor.

Some users of the lite version complained that the app is innacurate. The timer/distance automatically resets after 15 mins or 5 km/3 miles whichever comes first. The paid version does not have this limitation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for feature requests or general comments.
I hope you will enjoy the new CycleComputer!

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